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  • Pipe Making Machine

    Plastic Tube Production Making Line

    Stainless steel welded pipe machine

    Carbon steel pipe making machine

  • Common roll forming machine

    Grain silo roll forming machine

    Guardrail forming machine

    Cable tray roll forming machine

    Door window frame forming machine

    Floor deck roll forming machine

    Roof tile making machine

    Roofing machine

    Purlin roll forming machine

    Ridge cap roll forming machine

    Corrugated panel roll forming machine

    Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

  • Steel structure machinery

    H beam welding machine

    Folder and slitter machine

    Downspout Roll Forming Machine

    Sandwich panel line

    Slitting line

    Cut to length line

    Slitting and cutting machine

  • Special profile roll forming machine

    Metal Stud Machine

    Rack shelf forming machine

    Customized special profile forming line

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    Services and Supports

    Unplanned, costly down times are irritating and should be kept as short as possible. So our service team adopts 12 hours fast response, 48 hours solution presentation to offer you a solution, and to be a reliable partner to support your business. Whenever or wherever you need help, we are at your service

    Pre-sales Services
    Offer various kinds of trade trend, technological consultation, conceptual design and planning to customer and give advice, think about for the interests of customer everywhere.
    - P2P services mode
    Arrange one sale to one customers service to insure the process in our company during the discussion. The whole business progress is controlled by the CRM system , the customer don't need to talk to many sales and related people to finish the Job, just send the inquiry, place the order, that's all.
    Note: You can complain to our company if you are not satisfied with the salesman and we will arrange a new one for you.

    Complaints E-mail : TEL:0086-571-82897908

    -our response
    The related technical and the trade department stay together to make the quick response for any special requirements come from the different clients, we are sure, our efficiency work will win more profit for our customers.

    Service on sell
    Offer detailed and intact products and technology service for customers , make great efforts to choose the rational high cost performance products for the customer.
    In the process of installing machines, we promise to send you pictures or videos at any time. You can better understanding of the manufacturing process of the machine.

    After-sales Services
    For each region in the world we have service engineers on call who are always available to provide support – and not just when there's a problem. Our engineers are completely familiar with your system and processes. You thus always have a designated contact whose expertise you can totally rely on.
    We fully achieve the customer proximity we require through our worldwide network of service teams
    Wherever your system is, our engineers are soon on site and can start getting to the root of your particular technical problem.