Door window frame forming machine
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    Door/window Frame Forming Machine

    is used for rolling forming metal door or window frames. We can design the punching according to your needs. The advantage of this machine is the surface will be very smooth and beautiful without any scratch on surface, after rolling formed by this roll forming machine. Projects Application This Door/window Frame Forming Machine is high strength and durable, so the finished products have good quality and great strength, providing more security.

  • 180*40 mm door frame forming machine

  • Door/window roll forming machine

  • 100*58-door frame forming machine

  • 143*58- door frame forming machine

  • 140*56mm door frame roll forming machine

  • 160*56 mm door frame roll former

  • 190*56 mm door frame forming line

  • 212*56 mm door frame rolling machine

  • 140*65 mm door frame roll forming line

  • 1364 door frame roll forming machine

  • 179*65 mm door frame forming machine

  • 130*95 door frame rolling machine